Carole Marsh Longmeyer Cartoon - Bluffton Books - Bluffton, SC

Carole Marsh Longmeyer started Gallopade in 1979 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on her kitchen table “with no money, a typewriter and a rotary phone!”  Her husband, Bob, soon joined the company, allowing them to work and travel together around the world to do research, writing, sales and marketing, “and just have fun!”

Their children, Michele Yother and Michael Longmeyer, grew up in the publishing business and witnessed its transition from traditional print to the creation of an amazing on-demand process, and today, to high-tech methods, especially in the area of school curriculum and supplemental materials.

“Our books, from Carole’s first children’s mystery to the 6,000+ titles of all types we have today, are still in print.  After all, they are part of our family, too!”