Other Books: The Mystery at Fort Sumter
$7.99 in paperback and
$24.99 in library binding

The Mystery at Fort Sumter

Some of you may know that I’ve written a lot of “Carole Marsh Mysteries” for kids 7-14…up to around 100 right now. (No, I don’t sleep, and yes, I am getting old!) This is one of my favorites because it really does have a basis in fact—the start of the Civil War, of course, but also in my family: Papa and I really did take our grandkids on a cold, winter weekend adventure from Savannah to Charleston one year. We drove through Alligator Alley (the Savannah Wildlife Refuge), Bluffton, Beaufort, and other historical places, to get there. We stayed at the old Citadel, today a fort-like Embassy Suites. And the Civil War really did come to life for us—so much so, I went on to write an entire series for kids for the 150th anniversary of this historical event.
(That’ll teach me to stay home next time!) With real kids, real alligators, real snow (yes, in Charleston), and real facts, this adventure is exciting and educational. As a writer, you never know where you’ll go, but you always know you’ll learn the most.
This book has Book Club questions (great for class or home or grandma’s house), a glossary, SAT words, and won a Teacher’s Choice Award, so it’s also a nice gift for teachers and librarians.

The ever-talented A-Team at Gallopade created the format for the Real Kids/Real Places AMERICA’S NATIONAL MYSTERY BOOK SERIES. Now you know what’s fun? Read a book like this with a kid…then take them to the historic site! [And if they spy that book for sale there (which they often do), they’ll think YOU are a genius for knowing about it first!]