Other Books: I'm Reading About South Carolina, The Palmetto State!
$8.99 in paperback and
$29.99 in library binding

I'm Reading About South Carolina, The Palmetto State!

Ok, we all say we want to help kids read…to learn they love to read. So when do we start? I love parents who collect autographed books before their baby is even born (often, even conceived—now that’s commitment!) I always say that when a kid can learn about things right out their own back door, they are on their way to a great education. This book [and yes, there are editions for all 50 states!] was requested by teachers—short, sweet, easy-to-read sentences, essential state facts appropriate for ages 6-9—and great color art and photos+silly little ladybugs to say charming things, which adds humor. Great for the home library, for grandma’s Reading Basket when kids visit, for teachers, and honestly, for grandpa—so he can see he doesn’t actually know EVERYTHING! The Palmetto State—indeed, every state—is fascinating and a great reason to read about people, places and things.

The Gallopade A-Team of Michele Yother, John Hanson and Janice Baker created this clever book. Trust me, you will want all 50 states—I do! (You read it; you might be on Jeopardy one day!)