Other Books: Hello in There! Poetry to Read to the Unborn Baby
$7.99 in paperback and
$24.99 in library binding

Hello in There! Poetry to Read to the Unborn Baby

As a new writer and a young mother-to-be expecting my first child, I read about the possible value of playing classical music for your unborn baby. Hmm, I thought—so why not read them poetry—written especially for them? Over the years, I wrote such poems and saved them. After writing Nine Months in My Mommy—Autobiography of an Unborn Baby—I had my “baby” to read to! The quirky little baby in that book just begged to be read to! So will the baby- (or babies!) to-be in your family. Not only is this a beautiful gift for an expectant mother, reading the poems aloud to baby is so meaningful to its future brothers and sisters. And, perchance, if baby were to give a little nudge of appreciation—you’ll all believe (as I do!) that baby is listening, appreciative, and can’t wait to meet you in person!

Allie Conzola is a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate. Her lovely color illustrations that accompany the poems really help make this a beautiful book. Let’s all “Cherish the Unborn”!