$14.95 in paperback and
$19.95 in library binding

FIRST CLASS: The Evolution of American Schoolrooms and the Amazing People and Companies That Wrought This 100-Year Transformation!

Yes, that’s a long title, but there’s a lot of information here! The cover sort of says it all: Alas, I can remember a bleak, grim first grade schoolroom of dusty blackboard, creaky wooden desks, brown and boring books, and, well, nothing like students enjoy today. After belonging to the National School Supply and Equipment Association for years, I just got interested in where and how the wealth of classroom materials we have today actually came from. Trust me—it’s really surprising and fascinating. From the history of the basics, such as pencils and paper, to expected classroom staples, to the-future-is-now electronic tools, the story’s pretty amazing. It’s hard to believe just how far things have come in not much more than 100 years. From dusted and dreaded…to decked-out digital, the story continues. Just as amazing are the companies that are well over a century old that were there at the beginning of the adventure and continue to contribute to the ongoing advancements in the classroom. It won’t surprise teachers that TEACHERS were at the core of much of this innovation! This is history that teachers, past and present, will enjoy, as well as share with their students. Includes an extensive bibliography and thorough index. Excellent gift for a librarian or a new education graduate!