Books For Parents: Smart Sex Stuff for Kids 7-17
$14.99 in paperback and
$24.99 in library binding

Smart Sex Stuff for Kids 7-17

You’ll never do a child (or their parents!) a bigger favor than to share this book with them.  Sex is just another subject to learn about, you know?  A multi-award winner, this book has no objectionable graphics.
It starts with a hilarious look at many of God’s crazy creatures and moves on into chapters such as “A Period is More Than a Punctuation Mark” and “Sperm, Squirm, and other Squiggly Stuff.”  Yes, it’s factual, but fun and funny.  But it also covers common sense, resources, good ideas, love, trust, responsibility, morals, and ethics—after all, the most important sex organ is the brain, you know!  Don’t suffer—share!  Better you than their friends?  Better younger, when the first thing kids say is, “Yuck!  Who would want to do that?!”