Books For Parents: First Aid for Ignorance
$7.99 in paperback and
$24.99 in library binding

First Aid for Ignorance

Those of you who know me know my pet project is helping young people of all ages prepare for the real world.  After all, you DON’T want them sleeping on your couch forever!  I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, so I know something about this subject.  I also hire—and don’t hire—kids just out of college, so I am quite aware of what particular skills they are missing—you don’t want to know!
I had the idea for this book after taking a First Aid class.  All the terminology just seemed perfect for this education-to-work readiness subject:  first aid; CPR; heart attack; amputation, etc.  If we could stick a needle in a kid’s butt and give them an immunization against everything from a lack of common sense to so many other stab-yourself-in-the-financial foot things, we would!  But we can’t.  You can give them this book!  Although all this sounds fun (and it is a fun read!), the truth is that the world is very competitive.  I like for kids to know that they are not just preparing to avoid financial flatlining…their real goal in life is to have a string of careers that they love, that help make the world go around, that maybe even change the world.  But first, they gotta set the alarm and GET OUT OF BED!

Clever illustrations by SCAD artist Chandler Ellison;
design and paste-up by SCAD grad Susan Van Denhende